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Local multiplayer for any kind of crowd. What does that even mean? Crowded is a local multiplayer party game collection, that lets you use your phone to control the game. Not just your phone. Anybody's phone. Jump into a collection of challenging party games for any number of players. Just start the game on your pc and join with any number of phones without even the need of installing an app. Have you ever played a video game with 8, 10, 15 or more people in a room? Crowded lets you experience this new kind of local mulitplayer feeling.


Coding for over a year, designing assets, recoding sounds, renting a bar for creating an advertisement and hundreds of hours of testing - it was quite a struggle for me to get to this point with Crowded. Two years ago when I had the initial idea, I didn't imagine that I would get to this point all on my own. But it was my belief in the idea that kept me going. In a world where local multiplayer struggles to find its place between smartphone apps and online games, I feel like this could be an answer of how modern local multiplayer can work out. It fills the spot of what I call "true" party games. It's not an easy task. During the development I tried 3 different technologies wrote apps and websites. Overall I rewrote the whole networking module more than three times. But I feel like it was worth it. Crowded now is something that you haven't seen anywhere else before. Something you haven't experienced before.


  • no need to abandon this game collection because a group is to big or to small
  • no need to share or fight for controllers
  • no need to pay a penny for expensive hardware
  • a collection with differently challenging fast paced games
  • a new kind of multiplayer experience


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About crow games

So far a one man game studio based in Stuttgart, germany. Crowded is trying to revive local multiplayer by porting it to whole new context. Local multiplayer for any number of players? Introducing real party gaming.

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