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Crowded is a local multiplayer party game collection that lets you use your phone to control the game. Not just your phone. Anybody's phone. Jump into a collection of challenging party games for any number of players. Just start the game on your PC and join with any number of phones without even the need of installing an app.

Controllers? You already have them.

Juxtaposition of the game screen and a phone as the controller

The controllers for Crowded are everywhere. In fact you already have one. Your phone. Within seconds any phone or other touch enabled device can be turned into a Crowded controller. You don't even need to install additional software ;)

Dynamically adapts to more or fewer players.

animation showing players joining the game and the game fitting the new players into the action

As players join or leave, the game changes to accommodate. No lobbies or waiting for games to end in order to join. Connect at any time and you're in the game and playing.

No Apps To Download.

All you need is a PC, Mac or Linux device running the game collection and one phone (Android, iOS, Windows phone and more) per player as a controller. Players visit the website on their mobile device and connect to the game.

About the developer: crow games.

So far a one man game studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. Two years ago when I had the initial idea, I didn't imagine that I would get to this point all on my own. But it was my belief in the idea that kept me going. In a world where local multiplayer struggles to find its place between smartphone apps and online games, I feel like this could be an answer of how modern local multiplayer can work out.

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